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The iWallet?

I’ve been testing out a new product and so far, I’ve been very pleased.

It is a credit card case and iPhone case in one. TheSonix Pocket Credit Card Case

It makes carrying my other credit card case somewhat redundant. I say somewhat because I can only fit four cards into the Sonix case: my driver’s license, a debit card, a credit card and an insurance card. So, if I want to go to the museum, I’ve got to substitute or take along my regular carry. Still, for a night out, the case doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone and leaves you with one extra pocket free to perfect the line of your perfectly tailored suit.

A pretty good solution. But I am surprised they didn’t name it the iWallet.

Do you have a solution for de-cluttering your pockets? Pass it along.

6 thoughts on “The iWallet?

  1. Oh Chris, do I wish. I think that something like this is great for men. Now for a woman to have a daytime & evening choice of a small bag which would also hold a lipstick & compact!

    Art by Karena

  2. I like that quite a bit… too bad I have an Android phone that is already far too large.

    Regarding pocket de-cluttering, I have another excellent suggestion. The Keyport is something that I purchased when it first came out of its testing phase, and I have been nothing but amazed. I have all of my keys in a tiny box no larger than a tic-tac box (including my car key). No jingling keys, no poking your leg, no large bulge in your finely tailored suit pocket. A little pricey, yes… but I’m continually amazed how much I love this thing, and just how convenient it it truly is. Take a gander over at http://www.mykeyport.com/ The website is far from elegant, but the product is… sleek, restrained, clean, and well made.

  3. George, I’ve been looking for something like that. I’ll wander over to see. My dad used to have a wonderful key case in leather about the size of a double pack of chewing gum, but a bit slimmer. Wonderful!

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