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Spring Layers for Unpredictable Weather

Just as I thought to rotate the wardrobe and put away the winter gear, we have a forecast that expects snow tomorrow night!
Don’t like the Virginia weather? Wait a minute.

With temps hovering just above freezing this morning, and highs predicted around 50ºF, it seemed a good time to layer a vest under a wool sportcoat. The whole palette is rather fall like, you could achieve the same level of comfort with a lightweight cashmere sweater under a blazer, but I felt like getting one more wear out of this kit before it gets packed away. Below the jacket, mid-grey, forward pleat trousers and tobacco suede brogues. The collar pin was a last-minute addition. A tie clip would have been snazzy, but a bit redundant as the vest keeps the tie in place. The photo also shows a good amount of drape in the chest of this venerable RL jacket.

Are you layering these days? Or do you rely on your coat to fend off the chill?

6 thoughts on “Spring Layers for Unpredictable Weather

  1. Yes, I am a hen that lays, and layers!
    I love layering, camisole, shirt, sweater or jacket, pearls, scarf. You look dashing in your layers.

  2. March is cruel to us here in Boston, and the woolens will not be trunked for another month. I am admiring the upper assembly in the photo, Sir… the waistcoat with lapels is dashing.

  3. I regret the day that I got rid of my Polo double breasted suit of that same material. It was iconic Polo and bullet-freakin’-proof. And it had that drap-ey chest with peak d.b. lapels that looked like dorsal fins.

    Just in from Boston where, as Yankee says, March just taunts one.

  4. What a beautiful Lauren jacket; I’d wear that windowpane. It is a versatile colour, and as the weather gets warmer, I can see it without the vest and the pocket square changed to soft eau-de-nil green. The collar pin is very elegant.

  5. It’s currently snowing here in Kansas City–it was nearly 80 a week ago! I actually got a bit of sun on Monday. I dug out my cardigan to wear under my sports jacket today for services. I felt silly putting on my woolen pants, until I got outside.

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