Smart Casual Experiment #5: Winter White

Just chilly enough to start with a scarf and to not need it or the jacket by afternoon. The trousers are corduroy, a bit too long, but they just arrived via the post and I wanted to see how I would work them into my wardrobe. Up to now, I haven’t worn white before Memorial Day, but after reading ADG’s post featuring his white moleskins and seeing the innumerable shots by The Sartorialist of white-trousered Italians attending Pitti, I thought I might give it a shot.

Not the most flattering photos, but then…

Yes, I felt a bit strange, but there was no murmuring as I passed the other diners at Can Can in this tradition-bound town. The upshot for me? If you are better dressed than the average man in the street, wear an all-white suit in December, if you’ve got it.

As for me, it’s Friday and I’m going to dust off my bottle-green, quilted velvet smoking jacket for a party this evening. Smart casual is difficult and it’ll be good to be back on familiar ground.

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