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Smart Casual Experiment # 2: The Navy Sweater and Colourful Trouser.

Sorry for the exposure; I tried to lighten it up. Click through for larger images.

Colour can play an important role in your casual wardrobe. I choose navy blue sweaters (in this case a polo collar since I don’t have a normal collar underneath) in cooler weather to mimic the idea of a blazer. The cords are a rusty-red and the socks colourful in their own right. With a band collar shirt, B² ca. 1989 (?), and a woolen neckerchief — no collar on the shirt calls for something, in my opinion — by Polo Ralph Lauren, I’ve tried to tie things together. The shoes are Bass, the “new” profile penny strap in black, about which I am still on the fence.

4 thoughts on “Smart Casual Experiment # 2: The Navy Sweater and Colourful Trouser.

  1. love the band collar shirts!

    a pink shirt is also a great way to liven up the ensemble. i don’t have much cold weather gear but when i travel i wear smart casual. my favorite combo was a mix of navy, brown, and pink. usually a navy blazer or sweater, solid pink shirt, a brown/navy casual tie like a knit, and coffee colored cords, worn with choc suede pennies or burgundy 2 eyelet laceups. back then i thought it was the most flattering color combo for me even if it was textbook flusser ie matching shirt to complexion, tie to eyes, dark jacket to dark hair.

    i’m more open to other colors now particularly green. plus i wear more things which are more suited to my tropical climes. whites, creams, cool blues, light greys…


  2. hi… i’ve been watching the entire catalogue of the 1971 tv show “the persuaders!” with roger moore and tony curtis. even though some of the styles are a bit dated, it’s surprising how well the basics hold up. lots of cravats, scarves and tuxedos. you can find some of the episodes on youtube.

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