Smart Casual Experiment 1: Tonal Dressing.

Tonal dressing seems to me to be the cornerstone of smart casual. I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s because the colour scheme mimics the lounge suit or the odd jacket and trousers in similar colours.

I love tans, camel colours, but they don’t work too well next to my face. That day was a bit chilly, and I was due for a long’ish hike to Secco, a local restaurant, to meet an old friend. The scarf, in a deeper gold with sky blue accents looked better next to my chin and the chambray shirt under the (too small) cardigan lent more contrast to things. I wore a camel, DB polo coat for the walk.

The desert boot with the crêpe sole has to be the most comfortable casual shoe a man can own. For those who think that trainers/sneakers are the only way to go, try a pair. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and a bit more dressed up. Spray them with a water repellant solution if you plan on wearing them a lot.

I’m a lot happier than I look in the photo. Even if casually dressed. As the weather changes, it may be more difficult to keep up a smart casual appearance. I rely on sweaters too much. We’ll see. Stay tuned. And feel free to comment.

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