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Late for Everything

Just one of those days.

Do you wear knit ties? They are a good way to lighten up a suit. Here a striped tie against a striped shirt and a windowpane suit. Spring is in the air.

5 thoughts on “Late for Everything

  1. I’ve always had a soft spot for knit ties. Takes me back to my brothers and their days at Bishop Ireton back in the 80s. May have to get one for hubbie as an Easter or Father’s Day present.

  2. I see we have the same framed picture of Cary Grant in our libraries. That pic is so inspirational for its non-nonchalant elegance.

  3. Brian, it is one of many, but I love how aware he is of his posture/pose, even when “no one is looking.” All of us are constantly on display. It helps to remind me of that.

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