Dressing Up the Dressed Down Room

“Nothing Is More Exotic Than a Little 18th Century.” So writes the author of “Dressed Down Decor, Decoded” in the Wall Street Journal. Good interior design is a delight. Great interior design makes you look twice and want to leap into the photo. Jacques Grange’s room featured at the top of the article makes me want to move right in. The Picasso does help with that, of course, but it is the luxury of space that appeals to me. Space that looks livable and lived-in whilst not being overcrowded or too precious.

If we’ve studied smart casual clothing, this is its equal in design and many of the lessons that the author lists could be easily adapted to your wardrobe. What I find amusing is that the style is called “dressed down” or “eclectic informal.” Like smart casual, it doesn’t mean sloppy or poorly curated. It does mean interesting.

The “18th Century” objets? The tie. Patent opera pumps? It has nothing to do with being hip and everything to do with style.

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