Black and …

Now that the festivities of Mardi Gras are behind us, we turn again to serious sartorial colourings…

Delving further into the world of smart casual and thanking God that it is still cool enough to wear a sweater (what am I to do in the warm months to come?), we come to the colour combination that I wore most often whilst travelling in Europe. At least in the cooler months. Black and ….

The sweater is merino. I have yet to venture into black shirt territory (just the associations…..), but I will wear a black sweater. I’ve buttoned this one up all the way and tied a maroon and cream glenplaid patterned large square under the collar to keep my beard from tearing up the wool too much. the trousers are an olive-y brown wool twill that are the most comfortable pair of trousers in which to travel that I have ever owned. They have a natural give to them, thanks to the weave of the fabric, and don’t wrinkle. I would commission a suit of this stuff in a heartbeat.

Rule #1 still applies here. The trousers are full-cut, double reverse pleated. Which means that I wear them with a more fitted sweater.

The colour scheme is particularly forgiving when it comes to shoes. I’ve worn orange-brown lug soled bluchers, chocolate suede monks, and dark brown paddock boots as well as stout, black, double-soled plain toe bluchers with these trousers. A brogue or even a Doc Martin oiled leather would go just as easily. At the moment, I’m inside and shod in dark brown, black piped Belgians. The shoes take the slightly militaristic edge off the whole.

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