What the VMFA and Picasso Can Teach Us

Roger Carroll, musician par excellence,  passed along this quote from Pablo Picasso: Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” He might have been writing of  elegance. But, of course, he was. It remains to be seen how elegantly his works are displayed at our museum. I can only imagine a roaring success.

Tonight, Mrs. E. and I will attend a member’s preview of Picasso’s “personal collection” showcased at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Richmond hosts the only east coast showing of the exhibit. I believe that we’ve seen many of the works before, as we used to visit the Musée National Picasso. But it will be nice to see them within walking distance of the Manse; he is one of my favourite artists.  Dinner will surely follow and what we should eat is a paella Valenciennes, which his lover Fernande Olivier, might have made. Failing that we’ll head for our favourite bistro and play Lost Generation.

I wonder if I will wear a tie. If art is the elimination of the unnecessary, and the tie is strictly ornamental, what does that say? Later in life, Picasso looked distinctly casual. Life at the beach will do that to you.

This weekend, enjoy the simple pleasures. Eliminate all but those things that most delight you.  Host a found meal in honour of the expats who became the moderns. Play some jazz music. Drink wine by candlelight. Debate art and design. And maybe try a paella.

Back next week with something sartorial. I hope.

Happy Thoughts!

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