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Today’s Patterns

The shirt is an old Ben Silver, and if I had it to do over, I’d commission one without the eyelets. Yes, it has held up well over the years (and was the only OTR club collar I could find at the time), but it loses something when you don’t stick the pin through a perfectly good collar. Sure it ruins the shirt over time. But then they become knock around shirts and are still far too comfortable from hundreds of launderings.

The braces are white gut end Thurstons. The club tie is anything but a club tie, at least in my neck of the woods. So let’s call it striped, shall we?

The suit is a three-piece, three button made by Gieves of Savile Row in 1966 for Mrs. E.’s grandfather. It fits well enough and is made of 16 oz. cloth — sort of a charcoal and mid-grey pinstripe — that wears like iron and is very comfortable on a cold day. Because of the weight of the fabric, the suit resists wrinkles beautifully and drapes very well. Because of the construction, it is supremely comfortable to wear. It hangs from the shoulders and neck and moves with you.

The hair is by Jean Cocteau.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Patterns

  1. Ah the shoulders on your jacket. It’s what separates the truth from the pretenders. Such a nice fit, even as it was made for someone else.

  2. I envy you. My favorites are the ones made for a long gone relative.They are more special, more unique and by far, more intriguing. Particularly special in Europe, it has to do with descendency, or something medeival. I just find it special. In laws seem to be an ideal source for some reason.

    I have a lovely hat passed down from a great uncle who was with Gabriele D’Annunzio at Fiume. I wore it today. A Burberry’s trench from my father. Several cashmere odd jackets and one grey flannel suit so heavy that needs no overcoat on most winter days. All from a cherished past part of our lives that continue living even today.

  3. Well said iGC.

    Wisco, exactly. The trousers are a little large, but the rest is almost spot on. He, too, was a sabre man. So I can see how we share the same…. cut… (couldn’t resist.)

    PB, yes. The hair is a bit much. I’m thinking of the full Sam Ellitott. But am in-between and it won’t last. Drives me nuts. Even if Mrs. E. loves it.

    By the way. For those who are taking notes, the braces are too long for me and should be altered so that the levers rest in the hollow between my rib cage and my hip bone. Well, where that hollow was ten pounds ago, anyway.

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