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The Daily Connoisseur and the Easy and Elegant Life Bare Minimum.

You do know the delightful blog, The Daily Connoisseur? Jennifer is a woman after my own heart and her very practical advice will have you on the path to l’art de vivre in no time flat. You see, she and I have something in common: a glimpse of the promised land. We both lived abroad, she in Paris, me on the Riviera, for far too short a time. It was long enough to take away an appreciation for living well, within our means, of course.

Jennifer was kind enough to ask me to guest post today. I hope you like the article. And please take a moment to poke around her site, especially the excellent series of articles on the top ten things that she learned whilst living in France.

5 thoughts on “The Daily Connoisseur and the Easy and Elegant Life Bare Minimum.

  1. Though I rarely comment, you are two of my very favorites, and you work quite well in tandem!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to TDC through your article. I’m in the process of trying to spiff up my image after 15 years of casual wear. Back in the day when everyone wore suits, I prided myself on wearing quality clothing. I miss those days and have decided to follow your lead and dress more suitably, and your guidelines are a good start.

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