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Some Enchanted Evening.

I was tempted to use Tom Jones singing “Love is in the Air.”

Virginia’s official slogan has been “Virginia is for Lovers” for decades. It started out with all sorts of things to love about the Commonwealth, beaches, history, etc. . But we’ve simplified things since then and let our visitors’ imaginations run wild.

Which is what I’m suggesting that you do this St. Valentine’s Day. Run wild? No, engage your imagination.

Don’t wait for some enchanted evening. I know that it’s a Monday. I know that it takes a bit of work. I know that it’s easier to book a restaurant and send flowers… .

I also know that Mrs. E. and I are looking forward to the not-quite-annual St. Valentine’s Day party thrown by The Architect. (I hereby volunteer to help with what I can in order to pass along the details to you.) A party on this night of all nights can be fantastic. Especially if you have single friends. Set a vase of red flowers in the entryway and encourage each woman to take one. Pass flutes of champagne. Scatter chocolate about. You get the idea.

Parties tend to bring out the best in us. We will dress. We will laugh. We may even take a spin around the dining room at The Club. This is all assuming that the bronchitis/sinusitis/conjunctivitis is over with. If it is not, there will be candlelight, paté de foie gras, perhaps some caviar, and a soufflé (if I can find some truffles) here at The Manse. Champagne, of course, is a must. I may set a table in the library.

Do you live somewhere warm? I bet an alfresco dinner by candlelight is just the thing. Especially if it just you two on the lanai or balcony.

Still freezing in your neck of the woods? There’s a lot to be said for a fire and some great music… a glass or two …

Regardless of your plans, make sure to take a moment to yourself. Have a dressing drink, shower, shave, put on a fresh shirt, tie and dark, dressy suit and make a night of it.

What a way to start a week!

2 thoughts on “Some Enchanted Evening.

  1. I rather like thinking of it in terms of an enchanted evening….even if it is on a Monday. Valentine’s day could fall on any day and still fill my heart with love.
    Did you see “Quintessence” post – really a love celebration….Wednesday Wine.

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