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Smart and Stylish… Well, Me Anyway

I have a new assignment. Mrs. PvE has asked that I accept her nomination for a Smart and Stylish award. Yikes! Many thanks to the eternally smart and stylish PvE for her confidence in me. So, I’m to list Seven Stylish Things That You May Not Know About Me.

Good grief! What don’t you know about me by now?

1. I don’t own an iPhone. But I really want both the iPhone and the iPad. Both will stay tucked away whilst dining with Mrs. E.

2. Although I am doing so now, I feel funny wearing black shoes before evening.

Part of an image used by Ralph Lauren in an old campaign.

3. Although I own one, I’ve never had a fully bespoke suit made. Well, for me. Mrs. E has two bespoke garments.

(Huntsman’s House Plaid.)

4. I leave the worst phone messages you can imagine.

5. When distracted or deep into writing I can be churlish and insensitive. It is a character flaw that leaves me deeply regretful.

6. I have very, very few friends and a great many acquaintances.

7. Which is difficult as I am rather bad with remembering names. (Start the video at the 2:00 mark… I know exactly how he feels.)

Now, my nominations for the Smart and Stylish Award are…..

Mrs. Trefusis Takes a Taxi

Reggie Darling

The Daily Connoisseur

Simply Refined

Lilly Lemontree

Greenhorn in the Garden

Boxing the Compass

Charm City Daily

8 thoughts on “Smart and Stylish… Well, Me Anyway

  1. My Lord, ten million thank you’s. I’ve never been nominated for anything before. Well, there was that time of our great “write in” experiment for fourth grade President, but that’s an entirely different matter.

  2. Dear Easy:
    To have such an award bestowed upon me by such a stylish man as you is an honor, indeed. Thank you. Yours was one of the very first blogs that I followed, long before I had one, and remains among my “must reads.” Congratulations on your award, and thank you for mine! Reggie

  3. I like that you responded to a nomination by making eight more nominations of your own. That’s a nice touch.

  4. Sir, as always, you are a consummate gentleman. I am honored by your nomination, and would like to thank you for being a supporter of my blogging efforts from the beginning – the one year anniversary is in fact a month from today. I’ll be posting my 7 tidbits and nominations tomorrow.


  5. I second Mrs. PvE’s nomination of you, and I also second your nomination of Reggie Darling and Simply Refined.

    All in favor, say aye.

  6. Congratulations on the well-deserved award, always love learning a little bit more about my favorite bloggers!
    Thank you very kindly for passing along the award, I will get on a proper thank you to you right away!
    Hope you are having a wonderful start to your week!!

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