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Slowing Down: Mr. Casual.

It’s pretty easy to look very good in a well-cut suit. That’s their purpose. They flatter, improve, lessen and accentuate all at the same time. The drape cut, after all, was invented to make a man look as athletic as a Guardsman, and it’s no surprise that military tailoring was the basis of many of the Savile Row crowds beginnings.

But what about days like today? When I’m on deadline, and look around to find myself knee-deep in laundry, dishes in the sink, grocery shopping to get done, rooms to tidy up and an after school birthday party (at Romp and Roll!) that my daughter will attend?

Casual doesn’t have to mean sloppy. Khakis are my “work” trousers of choice for days above 55ºF. A thin cashmere sweater will help until the mercury makes it that far. Purple and blue just seem to work together for me these days. And the “Mr. Casual” of the title? My Belgian Shoes. Perfect for quick trips to the garage and for putting my feet up when I should be doing something more productive than reading “The Dandy.”

Because we’re never really “off-duty,” even when we’re comfortable.

5 thoughts on “Slowing Down: Mr. Casual.

  1. Thank you Karena, small steps. But I’ll make it one day.

    Classicist, welcome and I would say that you can’t go wrong. Although I have a great many lovely shoes, I reach for a pair of Belgians almost every day. Certainly if I’m inside. They’ve taken the place of my driving shoes. I do wish that they would do a pair with a suede footbed. I stick to the leather ones unless I resort to powder.

  2. Chris:

    You always inspire me to tidy up my presentation even when jossling around the house. Gotta put the shorts and ratty t-shirts away. And gotta get me some Belgians!


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