Wearing Grey

Wearing all grey doesn’t have to leave you looking like Regis Philbin mid-90’s. Play with texture. Here a grey and black horizontal striped sweater (Target, Merino wool), white B² button down, grey herringbone sportcoat (Agnès B.), grey Donegal tweed trousers, and a tweed charcoal grey herringbone tie (J. Crew) are casual enough for a cold Friday.

Also of note: the sportcoat is a good example of the French cut, with a very square and boxy silhouette.

Just out of picture: brown shell cordovan wingtips, custom through R. Martegani.

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7 Responses to Wearing Grey

  1. pve says:

    I just purchased a pale grey coat, very ladylike and I am thinking of mixing it with a soft pink or lilac for Spring, pearls and a mitxture of textures.
    You look marvelous!

  2. The Architect says:

    Isn’t there some show tune “It’s gray! It’s gray! The lusty month of gray!” ?

    (Sipped a cup of Earl Grey tea at breakfast this morning . And I’m planning to simmer our holiday apples into a Major Grey chutney over the weekend.
    You look like a 21 year old college boy in the above photo by the way; nothing but the clothes are turning gray on you )

  3. Hilton says:

    Do you feel that a particular shade of gray is more elegant than another such as dove gray or charcoal gray?

  4. Hilton, I do find dove grey to be most elegant. But I wear all shades. Charcoal in particular.

    PvE, don’t forget a stronger purple for evening!

  5. hobac says:

    Something is different. New haircut?

  6. Hello HOBAC! Happy New Year. I haven’t had my hair cut in three months. Mrs. E. claims I am addicted to getting it shaped up. So, I’m forgetting it for a bit and hoping that I can pull off that vaguely Italian look.

  7. Grey can do a lot to liven up an outfit, well done!

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