Today’s Patterns

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5 Responses to Today’s Patterns

  1. MAL says:

    Great kit! I like a good three piece suit.

    Perhaps, Icon Collection could have one?

  2. Thanks MAL, and the Icon collection will have several. Working on two designs now.

  3. Sir,
    Do give us a better glimpse of the images that appear on what appear to be braces under your vest. Intriguing and curious!

  4. YWP, click through to a slightly bigger photo. They are smoking men in grey suits, yellow gloves, bowlers, spats and canes

  5. Ahhh… and to stunning effect, Sir. Their outfits are worth an attempt at an in-the-flesh re-creation of the scene. It is certain that you possess at least one of each (yellow gloves, bowler, spats and cane). This could be a fantastic regular blog segment for a man of your inventory and eye.

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