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The Weekend Getaway Trouser

This weekend we’re scheduled to visit Mrs. E.’s older brother and his family for a “sleepover.” Not that the children will get much in the way of sleep.

I, of course, am wondering about my kit. Whilst jeans and bare feet are the uniform of the day for weekends for the former Marine and his family, I’m never quite that comfortable in “Hair” mode. I’m sure you’re collectively shaking your heads “nooooo….”

Khakis are always a good choice, but my favourites are at the cleaners being starched into submission. Starch holds together some of the more errant threads at the cuffs.

My moleskins might be a choice, but they’re a sort of rust orange. Which makes them rather conspicuous two days in a row.

Grey flannels are incredibly comfortable, especially my double forward pleated, side tabbed numbers. I’m afraid that they might strike too formal a note.

Which brings me to my personal choice for all-around best performer for whatever the weekend getaway holds: corduroys. Specifically olive or hunter green corduroys.

(B² Country Club Corduroy in Hunter Green. Sadly only available in 44 Reg online)

With a close second being a rich brown.

(Polo’s Slim Fit Cord in “Mohican Brown” USD $60 on sale)

I’ve always liked to pair suede shoes with just about everything, but for some reason of texture, corduroys scream for cordovan or polished calf. Which is why you see them modeled that way in the photos above. Well, that and American men have just accepted the brown shoe, suede still might be a bit frightening for some.

As long as I’ve got the trousers and shoes covered, I may as well toss a sweater and sport coat into the bag, just in case.

(Saks’ Brioni Polo Collar in Wool … USD$495. I won’t be wearing this one as nicely cut as it is …)

Scarf? Hat?

(Hermès knit scarf… mine’s Banana Republic)

A cap, I think.

You know, some variation on this…

Or possibly this…

Happy weekend.  What are your sartorial plans?

13 thoughts on “The Weekend Getaway Trouser

  1. Looking good there Chris! Cords and a sweater are always perfect this time of year. Plus the Harris Tweed of course!

    Art by Karena

  2. Maybe it’s my computer but your blog has gone a bit funny recently. Paragraphs are repeated and at times, the text is black & sometimes grey. Just thought I’d let you know. x

  3. Your outfits are always great–if I could look half that good!

    “Kit,” “whilst,” “favourite”: I was wondering, are you from England?

  4. I’ve organised my wardrobe by removing several shirts, ties, shorts and four pairs of trousers that are either too large, long, tight or like for like – all for donation. I made a space to now fold my woollens and at last get them off the hangers.
    I’m really rather pleased with the result as it dawned on me that I am slowly not only expanding my wardrobe options, but improving the quality in the brands and more comfortable materials.
    Safe journey to you.

  5. I continue to purge, though not in the same way your stomach is treating you. I acquired all together too much clothing over the past 12-18 months and am paring back to the things that fit well and that I love. It took awhile, but I finally “got it” realizing that having less is actually more. I just got a few pieces back from the tailor that fit criteria #2, but now also fit criteria #1. Get better. Stomach bugs are the worst!

  6. I love the cords–am wearing a pair right now (black) with a black cashmere sweater–it works. Have a great week-end.

  7. Big, loose, wide wale cords in earth tones (or GTH red), Shaggy Dog sweater, tweed coat, casual visiting perfection.

    Comfy as sweats, warm, and just respectable enough to appear in public (mine, anyway, yours probably look elegant).

  8. Love, love, love cords on men–especially a medium to wide wale. The thin wale looks a little trendy on men and better suited to a jeans cut or a cowboy. Cord trousers with almost any shirt and cashmere sweater, a suitable belt, a favorite suede jacket from years back, a blackwatch cashmere scarf, & suede gloves–it my husband’s Friday night uniform. My cords are thin wale and jeans cut because wide wale cords generally make the ladies look, well . . . fat! But for some reason just great for men. Perfect fabric for cold weather, too.

  9. Wisco and Shane — well done both of you. The object is to have a wardrobe so finely tuned that if you grabbed any two pieces at random, you’ll emerge stylish and elegant.

  10. My faithful Harris Tweed jacket is my go-to for just about any occasion. It’s a dozen years old and goes with everything.

    And yet…I have been accused of being “overdressed” by some people in this Walmart-mentality of a world even when the jacket is paired with jeans, button-down and loafers. I mourn the day when someone first thought of the phrase “Casual Friday.”

  11. @DP – I know what you mean. Recently I bought a Jasco grey wool pinstripe flat-cap to go with a grey Harrington. I’ve been told it makes me look old, but I like it!
    I seem to be in that middle bracket where if I was ten years younger I could wear it and be called trendy, or ten years older and no one would bat an eyelid, yet at 42 I get a comment like that.

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