The Quintessential International Gentleman

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4 Responses to The Quintessential International Gentleman

  1. I saw that article. Excellent. I didn’t think much more could be said about Bryan Ferry, but that piece certainly does him justice. Classic.

  2. It’s hard to find a fellow one would even consider entertaining the emulation of whose primary claim to notoriety is of the stage or popular concert hall. However, Mr. Ferry is such a rare beacon that one does forgive him his trade. And rather envies him of it, actually… Do we all wish to be a rock star, albeit a bespoke one?

  3. LBF, I agree. He is continually fascinating to read about.

    Reggie Darling, for every rule there is an exception. Mr. Ferry certainly qualifies. I understand that Mr. Palmer was also a fan of bespoke and was always very well turned out.

  4. greg wingfield says:

    Chris, picked the mag up in London late last year when it first came out.
    As you know I am a big B.Ferry fan and read alot of his interviews, but this spread in Fantastic Man was one of the best written and photographed I have seen since the in- depth Vogue article in the early 1990s.
    Thanks for highlighting!

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