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Schedule a Tea Time

Winter blahs. It’s cold and wet. No fun of any kind. And my son is home sick, destroying his toys. Blah.

On days like these the prospect of a fire in the fireplace and a warming beverage sounds lovely. The manse, of course, had been stripped of working fireplaces sometime during her history as a boarding house. Probably after the fire that hardened the roof timbers. Mrs. E. built out new surrounds for the electric grates that we installed. They work well, but don’t really give you that crackling, log fire effect.

What I need is a place like The Tabard Inn, in Washington, D.C.

What about you? How do you get your roaring fire, warming beverage fix these wintery days?

9 thoughts on “Schedule a Tea Time

  1. Luckily we have a log-burning fireplace in our living room, and i just ordered some Harney’s loose-leaf tea. Now that you mention it, I think this coming Sunday afternoon will be perfect for a cuppa and something sweet. What’s more, we missed Downton Abbey #3 last weekend (we were watching the Steelers win the AFC playoffs!), and our PBS station is re-broadcasting it at 3:30 that afternoon. You are welcome to join us if you find yourself in Illinois this weekend!

  2. We have a gas fireplace in our newish home. It approximates a wood-burning fire but misses on the complete sensory picture of smell, sight, sound and heat having only the heat and a faux-sight.

    We also have an above-ground fire pit out back, but it is well below freezing outside, so that ain’t gonna happen. Second on the bourbon though.

  3. Mrs. PvE and Wisco, I would say that it’s too early in the day, but …

    PvE, you shouldn’t have! I’ll endeavour to live up to your expectations.

    CashmereLibrarian, Thank you for the invitation. Mrs. E. and I will be travelling. Albeit a shorter distance… . Have yet to catch Downton Abbey. Is that Julian Fellowes’ latest?

  4. Tea time is so civilized. In the last few years I’ve fallen into the habit of using it as a way of entertaining guests rather than dinner or cocktails. It can be a light meal and it is casual and less work. It is best to get into the habit of serving tea at home before entertaining this way, so you can be sure to have everything necessary; linens cleaned, silver polished etecetera. As people entertain more and more casually today, china, linens and silverware can be purchased second hand for a song, so you can do it in the greatest style with the most limited means.

    I’ve tried luxury teas such as Twinings, but everyone’s preference seems to be for good, strong, basic grocery store black or orange pekoe.

    My 60 year old home has a fireplace in the living room and I wouldn’t want to be without it. It adds so much charm to the room and makes it so welcoming when entertaining during the cold months. If I was lacking, the first thing I’d do is put in a gas model…not as good as wood burning, but very convenient.

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