God’s Flashlight: The First Monday in January

Whew! It’s Monday already, huh? Well, if you’re anything like me, and since you’re reading Easy and Elegant Life, I suspect you are, early January 2011 came as a bit of a shock this morning. Obviously the scale needs new batteries, because no one could gain that much weight in just a few short holiday weeks, right? Must be time for a new prescription, too. The eye doctor did just call to reschedule and things are looking a little blurry. Which is good, because I’m sure that I’m looking a little bleary. The sunlight streaming in through the window at that early hour is like God’s flashlight searching you out.

Yes, yes. Still here. I know, it shocks me too! Right! Up and at ’em.

The holiday season reminds me of my New Year’s eve centerpiece — a bit too excessive.

Now, I’m not much of one for resolutions. At least in the official sense. I don’t write them down or vow to reform. I’m too old for that kick. With age wisdom. Instead, I sort of promise myself that I’ll try to do a little better.

Starting with today, wherein, with just a bit of trepidation, I begin again my work out routine. Tonight’s dinner will be a bit heavier on the salad and lighter on say… the caviar, paté and Champagne.

So, join me, won’t you? Nothing too drastic. That wouldn’t be elegant or easy would it? Just an extra fifteen minutes of strenuous exercise, followed by a simple meal and some fruit.

Oh, and water… lots of water.

(Remember, you can click through each photo a few times to get in really close…. Happy New Year. Here’s to a more elegant one!)

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