Giving Winter the Slip(per)

Like decent robes, elegant slippers seem to be going the way of the Dodo. Just try a Google image search for “mens slippers” (sic) and look in horror at the results. Which is a damned shame in my eyes. My feet are cold.

Yes, I have a pair of velvet slippers.

But they fit better with formal hose and so leave my feet in need of something warmer. Besides, the leather soul is very loud on the hardwood first thing in the morning.

Of course I own a few pair of Belgian Shoes — the Mr. Casual model — but I live in them when casually dressed and so feel that a dedicated slipper is still necessary. Besides, in winter I have to wear cashmere socks with them and as long as I’m that dressed, might as well get on with it.

What I’d like to find is a pair of sherling lined slippers. Oh, I know they’re out there, but must they look as if they’ve been modeled on a Clydesdale’s hoof? Ideally the silhouette would be one based on a slip on loafer with close lines and the lining: a Prince Albert for the lodge, aprés-ski.

Anyone run across a pair? Or any takers if I could have them run up?

UPDATE: Well, I’ve found them. Of course, they’re sold out in my size, but for future reference here is the Lauder in black from Moreland’s in Glastonbury. 55 BPS. I like the smooth toe that doesn’t have a hint of moccasin about it.

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