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Coffee, Tea? Both for Me.

I like coffee. In fact, I’ve had a cup of coffee almost everyday since 1984. These days, it has to be my special blend of decaffeinated French roast and regular Bourbon Santos (available by mail order from my local roaster!) I buy whole beans and grind them myself. But, like my tailor, and unlike Honoré de Balzac, I prefer to not drink coffee in large volumes. Given my ‘druthers, I’d make espresso in one of the two small demi-tasses pictured above. But I don’t have a machine capable of making a decent espresso.

And, there are some days when my brew looks singularly unappealing; particularly after an over-indulgent weekend. This morning, for example. And that’s when the oversized mug comes out. Into the mug of hot water, I drop one tea bag each of green tea and peppermint tea. Steep for three minutes, mix in a teaspoon of honey or sweetener (depending on my need for sustenance…) and sip, gingerly, over the first part of the day. An easy and elegant solution to the rocky morning, my tea isn’t just for four pm.

8 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea? Both for Me.

  1. Iñigo, I’ve never quite gotten the hang of them. Can’t get that crema on top that I love. Maybe it’s the beans. Maybe it’s the water. Maybe it’s the “barista.”

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