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Blindsided by Monday.

Whew! What a weekend. A fantastic game dinner featuring goose pot pies, deer carpaccio, The Inn at Little Washington’s chestnut soup  and fresh vegetables grown by Tricycle Gardens started things out on Friday. Saturday had us strapped into the full fig for a Fan Women’s Club black tie Flamenco and Tapas soirée held in the Scott House. And that was between the kids’ playdates and birthday affairs.

The house, and your faithful correspondent, are in regrettable shape. Monday has taken me completely by surprise.

Even shaving might become a bit of an issue this am. Which is why I will arm myself with the best possible potions for the job.

(Available from Londons Bathecary, a wonderful site.)

(Biotherm Homme)

Or I may just go back to bed. It seems to work for the dog.

4 thoughts on “Blindsided by Monday.

  1. Mr. E, I am curious to know if you have had first-hand experience dining (or staying) at The Inn at Little Washington (is it an actual inn?). I could google it, of course, but it would be easier if you would just tell us! 🙂 It is always rated among America’s best dining, and I would love to hear your first-hand review. You mentioned you had their chestnut soup this weekend– Sounds like a very fun festive weekend! What a joy to be the chauffeur for the birthday party circuit! The stories on the way home must have been entertainment enough for the weekend.

  2. Hi Paula, I have had luncheon and dinner both at The Inn. It was booked for the night and we stayed up the road (at a B&B whose owners who misunderstood reservations for Mr. & Mrs. Chris Cox of Washington, DC….) The food is phenomenal. As are the prices. The decor is very over-the-top, but lots of fun. It is an experience.

  3. My lovely shop, r.h. ballard art, rug & home, is just steps from the Inn at Little Washington, and I can attest to the amazing food, ambiance and service, which is all top-notch and fabulous. We’ve lived here 14 years and the quality at the Inn has never waned. It’s really worth every penny, and I always suggest to friends they find a perfect occasion to celebrate and go there to do it. Even just once, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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