Adding Colour to the Dinner Jacket.

Frank Sinatra was known to wear an orange pocket square with his. Some of the best dressed men ever would don a red buttonhole. There are those who favour red hose with their patent leather dancing pumps. The Duke of Windsor sometimes wore a needlepoint cummerbund.

At one time, I would opt for a fancy bow tie to inject a bit of whimsy to the strict black and white scheme. I remember a grey, maroon and black, fine-striped particular favourite of mine. These days I might tuck a discreetly coloured square into my breast pocket, but more often than not, it is a monogrammed linen kerchief that I choose. For some reason, a lot of colour isn’t appealing to me as I enter my dotage.

Or so I thought until Saturday evening, when reader and friend Call Me Al, joined Mrs. E. and me for a black tie affair.

His dress set was of coloured glass. Blood red, they were a very discreet and elegant choice.

(Via Etsy)

It then occurred to me that my priest also has a set of coloured studs. It is made from one of his late mother’s necklaces. Rubies with pavè diamonds — no where near as flashy as that description makes it sound.

Consider a coloured stone dress set for a dash of old world elegance.

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4 Responses to Adding Colour to the Dinner Jacket.

  1. A needlepoint cummerbund? Delightful.

  2. M.Lane says:

    Excellent post! I admit to blatantly stealing the Orange square from Frank. I love the color of the studs, particularly vintage ones like those you show. I have a great set of engraved ones from W&L with the trident on them. Also a nice set with my fraternity crest.


  3. pve design says:

    A bit of color does add a touch of wit and charm.
    Love a needlepoint cummerbund or a spunky bow-tie.

  4. BarbaraG says:

    Love this post…all the way…Mr. E, The Voice and
    comments by my fav bloggers.
    Best wishes,

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