I feel a bit like the fellow in the photo today, badly in need of hibernation. Or possibly hydration. Or both. Maybe just another cup of yesterday’s coffee.

It was a busy weekend for us, visiting the brother-in-law and family, hosting my in-laws for coffee, luncheon at Can-Can with dear friends and children and the viewing of the “Making It New” documentary. Mrs. E., you see, is the social butterfly of the organization. I have a dream… of downtime. Obviously I have “only child” issues.

Add the busy-ness of the last three days with the scene to which I awoke today…

and  a very strong case can be made for crawling back into bed.

As ADG would say “Onward, wrapped in moleskin, oxford cloth and cashmere.”

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  1. David V says:

    Happy birthday, Cary Grant

  2. Yes, he would have been 107, I believe. There’s still a Cary Grant sized hole in the universe. “Cary Grant: A Class Apart” is playing on AMC right now.

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