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The Easy and Elegant Stocking Stuffer: Mud

I remember being a kid, running inside before supper after being outside all day. I would dash into the bathroom to get myself presentable for the table.

“Did you wash your hands?” My father would call from the kitchen.


“With soap?”

Grudgingly, I would turn back to the bathroom and complete the onerous assignment.

There are two truths that I know. One: the male of the species just isn’t that interested in grooming unless there is the prospect of female companionship. Two: the best gifts to receive are those which you would not buy for yourself.

Here’s the product that bridges the gap. Borghese’s Fango Active Mud Mask.

(Full disclosure: the nice PR people sent me a sample of Borghese’s Fango to try.)

The marketing literature will have you believe that this volcanic mud from Tuscany will hydrate, revitalize, detoxify and moisturize. They have even found a correlation to mood improvement when using Fango. Here’s what they haven’t cottoned to: it’s fun.

After a weekend of excess (three days, four parties), a fast workout and a freak snowstorm, this Monday morning seemed right to give Fango a whirl. If you can’t get to the island of Luzon in the Philippines, as our man Sheen did in the photo above, you can still indulge your inner child whilst treating your face to a bit of a spa day without feeling like an idiot. Mani-pedi? Still not too sure about that. Olive drab Tuscan volcanic mud mask? The perfect Easy and Elegant Life stocking stuffer for the man in your life. You just have to convince him to put it on. And to at least hose down the shower stall after washing it off. It’s a messy business. Just ask Sheen.

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