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The Easy and Elegant Life 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Every year for Christmas, Barrymore gets me a Barrymore related present. A tie featuring terriers one year. A small porcelain Jack Russell another. Even a cast iron doorstop. He does have quiet the eye!

I’m always late buying his gift. I’ll dash into Pet Smart for a new stuffed cat toy or something, but after the excitement of unwrapping it (he loves to unwrap things), he quickly loses interest and returns to his multi-coloured “jester” favourite.

Well, this year, I’m on top of my game and my 13 year old Jack Russell terror will be cozy and warm under his waxed cotton jacket. He’s getting a hunter green Termo Manager dog coat from SmartPakEquine like the one pictured above.

He’s not as much of a clotheshorse as I am, but he should be happy about my gift. All he really wants, of course, is another jumbo bag of duck jerky.

(And if you’ve got an ADG on your list, Smart Pak Equine has a great price on hoof pick belts, the link for which I must thank The Natural Aristocrat. Follow that link for his STELLAR gift guide….)

4 thoughts on “The Easy and Elegant Life 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

  1. I’ll admit I used to smirk at dogs wearing clothes; that is, until my mother’s dachsund became a tripping hazard and came to live with us. One day she looked cold, so I bought her a little coat. Two years later she has a better wardrobe than I do.

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