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The Easy and Elegant Hostess Gift

Paula, a regular Easy and Elegant Life reader, shares her idea for a delightful and delicious Christmas hostess gift:

Fresh Georgia pecans which have been ‘sugared’ and baked, wrapped in cellophane bags, tied with a gold cord, and then sealed with a gold monogram label. I use a family recipe to season and bake the pecans, wrap them up in fresh, clear bags in advance, and keep them on a tray in the kitchen to carry out the door for hostess gifts. Each year I mail three bags to a favorite aunt with three homes–she keeps a bag at each residence for her Christmas and winter entertaining and is thrilled every year to receive them! I easily bake 5-10 pounds of pecans each December. No one seems to tire of them. Serve in a pretty glass dish on the butler tray table, the Christmas Eve buffet table, or pass with the champagne on New Year’s Eve. They keep for weeks in tins.

I look forward to hearing the gift ideas of your many readers.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, & best wishes for the New Year.

One thought on “The Easy and Elegant Hostess Gift

  1. Your hostess gift of sugared pecans sounds delicious Chris!

    I either take a wonderfully scented candle or a bottle of bubbly which can be used to celebrate at another time!

    Art by Karena

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