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Scott DeRosier: Gentleman Adventurer

I can’t see what I’m writing, so please forgive typos. This year, as I prepare for our annual New Year’s party and anniversary, a friend has added a to his calling card: Gentleman Adventurer. I’m including the particulars from the email that his wife sent along. Please follow his progress and, if you can, help sponsor the run. Mrs. E. and I are in for a penny (or is it a nickel?) a click. All proceeds will go to help the kids get clean drinking water. Am I jealous? As much as I hate the idea of leaving MRs. E. and the children for a solid month, yes, I am.

Season’s Greetings,
I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas Season. The DeRosier household is full of excitement and anticipation with a six year and a husband ready to head off to India on the “Rickshaw Run” — the Indian equivalent of the Canon Ball Run. Scott and his TukTuk (as the rickshaw’s are often referred to) buddy Jay Gragnani head to DC on December 26th for their flight to India thru Doha in Qatar. The race officially begins on January 1st and will last about two and half weeks. Their expected arrival back to the states is January 19th. Along the way, they will be blogs of their progress and even when they can’t blog, the GPS should be able to plot their position on the website. Scott and Jay have nicknamed their RickShaw “To Tuk or Not to Tuk” and they will be traveling with Tom Dorsey and Skip Carlton in the “King Tuk’s Chariot” rickshaw. To follow their progress, here are the blogs:



Please feel free to pass along the link to anyone you think would be interested. Based upon the previous runs, that this will truly be the adventure of a lifetime traveling 2600 km on back roads and main roads in the equivalent of a moped and should provide for some fun reading each day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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