Oooohooohooo…Sensation. Bryan Ferry’s London Digs

If you haven’t had a chance to leaf through the former Editor-In-Chief of Domino, Deborah Needleman’s début at WSJ Magazine, do yourself a favour and click through, read, peruse, watch the videos. I think she and her staff get it just right. So does Meg, over at Pigtown-Design. I trust her judgement, don’t you?

Is it pandering in our celebrity obsessed age? Who cares? Let’s face it, the man has style. Bryan Ferry has to be one of the most erudite, elegant, unassuming rock stars ever self-made. (His new release “Olympia” is marvelous, by the way, a perfect stocking or … errrr …. laptop stuffer.) Trash a hotel room? He’s not the type. Just read the article on the “bespoke bohemian.”

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