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Easy and Elegant Life 2010 Holiday Gift Guide: The Wool Tie & The Tie Bar

(The skinny Christmas plaid tie for the younger or thinner crowd. Also available in regular width.)

I am one of the few men you know who actually enjoys getting a tie at the holidays. Provided that it’s a tie that is discreet and classic. Or, you know, pink. This year I have been particularly obsessed with finding a perfect navy tie (grenadine would be nice) and some classic wool ties.

I found them all — even a classic navy wool tie as well as a good-looking (maybe even grenandine, if not a richly textured) navy silk, a glen plaid wool, a fine paisley bow, and LARGE silk squares (suitable for neckerchiefs) — at one of my new favourite websites: TheTieBar.com.

From the press release:

Former lawyers and co-owners Greg and Gina Shugar launched TheTieBar.com in 2004 after being fed up with paying a fortune for neckties. They created TheTieBar.com to offer an affordable, stylish option for men looking to add to their wardrobe without the budget. The website offers hundreds of styles of 100% silk ties in a variety of colors and patterns for only $15 each.

(Large silk square USD$12….)

Did I mention that they carry a couple of cufflinks in a barbell style (I prefer links or barbells as opposed to the swivel closure thing)?

(The silver cufflinks are USD$20…)

There’s even a nifty suit and shirt matching tool to let you know some safe combinations with which you may pair your new tie(s).

(I hope in my frenzy that I remembered to check the “self-tie” box on this one.)

If you’re shopping for a gift, simply choose by style. I suggest Traditional, which needn’t be boring. The wool glen plaid is beautiful and classic — a tie Gary Cooper would have worn. I’ll make it easy for you. Click here to see a few good-looking gifts.

3 thoughts on “Easy and Elegant Life 2010 Holiday Gift Guide: The Wool Tie & The Tie Bar

  1. If you’re still looking for a navy grenadine, try Harvie & Hudson. Not cheap but definitely good value for Jermyn St.

  2. There are some terrific patterns here and they represent an excellent value. My problem is that currently I am most comfortable wearing a 3″ width. These regular ties are 3 ½”which looks slightly wide for the moment, and the trendy, skinnier width, which is at 2 ½”d too skimpy for me (been there, done that in the ’80s). Do you not find the 3 ½” a smidge wide for the current look? If they had the 3″ width, I’d order a bundle in a jiffy. I really like the wool/ silk wide stripes and the plaid you’ve shown.

  3. Merry Christmas SwF! I tend to wear a 3 1/4″ tie the most. Check with Sam Hober, although the prices won’t be at all similar, the product is beyond reproach.

    Benedict, Delightful stuff, thanks for the hint. I ordered from Sam Hober though as the exchange rate is rarely in my favour.

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