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Rx for a Sick Day: Comfort Clothes

Well, as usual, when one of us gets it… the family goes down. We’re all sick and in dire need of sleep and some sunshine. Failing that coffee, orange juice and chicken soup would do the trick.

Some people take to their sweat pants and shirts when they’re feeling not quite up to snuff. I want to be wrapped in warm, comfortable clothing.

That means cashmere, flannel, moleskin and Belgians. At least I’m presentable if I have to rush the children to the hospital or make a run for a prescription. This is also the sort of thing I recommend for the carpool lane or for running weekend errands.

What are your comfort clothes?

18 thoughts on “Rx for a Sick Day: Comfort Clothes

  1. Your dog is adorable. I love that you don’t dress like a frump when you are sick. You are such a great example of always use the best you have. I like to wear really nice loungewear sets when I am not feeling well. Pretty jersey trousers trimmed with lace and matching t-shirts and a comforting dressing gown.

  2. Cashmere sweater that I will even wear to bed with comfy leggings or yaga pants!

    Chris, Come and enter my new Giveaway….I know you will love it!!

    Art by Karena

  3. Cashmere sweater that I will even wear to bed with comfy leggings or yaga pants!
    Chris, Come and enter my new Giveaway….I know you will love it!!

    Art by Karena

  4. An old wool sweater my husband doesn’t wear, a denim or khaki skirt, and some comfortable Rockport flats. I don’t normally wear trousers, even on weekends. Sweatpants? I don’t even own a pair. The University world is a small one, and chances are that when I’m out running weekend errands I will run into two or three people I know. Always a good idea to dress well, if more comfortably. And even if I were so sick I was unlikely to leave the sofa all day, I just would not be comfortable spending the day in sweats or pajamas.

  5. I like your blog topic because it’s one I’m committed to as you’ll see if you visit my website. Your dog is super cute! Almost had a Jack Russell but got scared and opted for a Westie! Also look at my blog, http://ww.erinbraxton.com/lounge. I think you’ll agree we have similar ideas on comfort clothing!

  6. In the winter, sick or healthy, and not dressing for a meeting or presentation, I can be found in cashmere and merino sweaters, oxford shirts, corduroys and suede mocs. If I need to go out, a tweed jacket is added.

  7. Mr. Elegant you have outd done yourself here; at least you have surely out-done me. Should I find myself feeling my worst I tend to match my look to my health, meaning horrible. Despite my best efforts it tends to be a missmatch of gym clothes, the sort designed for performance and team unity, only camera worthy if crossing a finish line or scoring a try.
    Now your being comfortable in those socks is a testimony to your manliness. A) I love them. B) I would fear that walking in them may change air traffic patterns, as in you can signal planes with those things.

    Hope you and the crew rebound.

  8. I tried the big sloppy sweats route off and on, but like you I’m more comfortable at those “yuck” times when I feel that I’m actually dressed. It might be yesterday’s shirt, and cords that are just barely fit for the public, but they just feel better than some “one size fits none” polycotton pantaloon.

  9. Monsieur Elegant.
    Yes! You are spot-on. My youngest was home with the crud today, too, and I wore my pjs all day. But, mind you, they are my fine cotton, body-conscious jams with the lovely pastel butterfly print. For added, luxe warmth (and in case the UPS man rang), I added my lavender pashmina looped around my neck. Completing the look was my high pony’d do, a clean face, brushed teeth, and eye cream…but couldn’t go without mascara on my lashes. Cozy chic, I like to say. My hairdresser once teased me about how I always come in with clean, coiffed hair. “You never ‘slum it’,” she said. It’s true…I just can’t.

  10. If I am truly sick and in for the day, RL flannel pajamas with a small floral print and piped in pink, suede moccasins, and a pretty full length robe that ties at the waist, face washed and with a good lotion, hair freshly shampooed after a warm shower. A great day to use a facial treatment and take a nap! If just feeling a bit peckish but still up and about, corduroys, fresh white Gap T, v-neck cashmere sweater (a hand off from the husband), suede flats, all of the grooming above still applies. If a woman leaves the house, she must have on lipstick. Otherwise, the well-scrubbed w/rich lotion look works well (sunglasses can help if the eyes are tired).

  11. Your sweet doggy looks glum when the family is feeling down. Wearing cashmere
    will speed up recovery no doubt. It’s a real effort to dress well when everything else
    looks grim, but it actually boosts spirits (sometimes in more ways than one).
    Get well wishes to all,

  12. Heavy duty Khakis (Bills), a Viyella shirt and chunky socks. If my tootsies are swaddled, I’m a happier sick guy.

  13. I actually discovered this brand, True Grit, while visiting a store called Hinton and Hinton in Oxford, MS. I purchased a fleece-like material pullover. But it looks and feels like wool right off the sheep’s body. Super warm and definitely for the casual Saturday or Sunday on a cooler day. Hard to find a lot about online, but definitely a pick-up for winter time.

  14. You’re a better man than I am CC. When I’m feeling ill I’m in no mood to make an effort and tend to lounge about in my RL tartan jim jams. My indifference to how I look (this indifference only applies to when I’m unwell) is due to having lived on my own for many years and never having to worry about visitors (no family whatsoever and my friends live far away).
    All the best for a speedy recovery. Have a hot toddy before going to bed.

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