Hidden In Plain Sight: The Richmond History Center.

Mrs. Astor’s Court Dress

J Stewart Bryan‘s famous newsprint dinner jacket. He is a permanent member of the Best Dressed list.

(A Fortuny gown.)

Sometimes I am amazed by what is right here in my proverbial backyard. In this same attic, I saw Robert E. Lee’s riding boots and George Washington’s walking stick. The next time you’re in Richmond, stop by The Valentine Richmond History Center. If only for one of the most beautiful staircases in the United States. And remember, membership has its privileges. We’re in for a real gala in the near future.

(Wickham House)

Many thanks to Director of Development Ty Toepke and Collections Curator Jackie Mullins for allowing me to take up far too much of their time just hours before”I am well and war is Hell” was to begin.

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7 Responses to Hidden In Plain Sight: The Richmond History Center.

  1. Such historic clothes are fascinating. Yes indeed, it is an incredibly beautiful staircase. I particularly like the undulating contours of the floor above.

  2. Brohammas says:

    I think I like the building more than the clothes, and I like the clothes.

  3. What a brilliant collection of clothing. I have always rated them very high on my list of curators of textiles. Great post and fabulous photos. LOVE!

  4. mary says:

    The Fortuny gown takes me to another place–so perfect.

  5. barbG says:

    Love the clothes and the building. The Fortuny dress is elegant. Do you think
    Mary McFadden tried to recreate that look years ago with the pleating?

  6. i love fortuny!!

    remember mary mc faddens pleats?


  7. Hi Renee, I’ll have to brush up on my womenswear! I recognized the Pucci, Dior, Fortuny — others will escape me. Was McFadden a 50’s designer? Or 80’s?

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