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Fetch a Cure & Country Clothing

This was a busy few days, beginning with Thursday’s jewelry show and finally grinding to a halt with a delightful wine dinner Sunday.

The photo above was taken moments before Mrs. E. and I left for Fetch-A-Cure’s progressive dinner. I am wearing the tie that Barrymore, my Parson’s Jack Russell, gave me several Christmases ago, a red, white and blue checked shirt with collar pinned, camel vest, and checked coat (tobacco suede brogues rounded out the hunt country look). I was very comfortable at Corporate Creature’s and The Architect’s delightful dinner, especially as I could wander around outside, stand by the fireplace and enjoy the evening’s slight chill.

The key to wearing that many patterns (did I mention the paisley pocket square?) is to ground things with grey flannels and the solid colour vest whilst making sure that your patterns are of different scales.

3 thoughts on “Fetch a Cure & Country Clothing

  1. Whew. Glad to hear it. I’m only back in town for one day but for a moment there, I thought I was gonna have to come down to Richmond for an intervention.

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