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Easy and Elegant Life’s Example of How to Wear Large Patterns

Just looking at this picture, taken at noon on Friday, makes me happy. Flannel, tweed, merino, cotton, suede. I love fall’s clothing. The shirt is a microcheck and the coat’s pattern is much larger as you can see. The solid sweater makes it easier on the eyes. What really makes me smile is the relative tidiness of the dining room. Somehow, over the last two days, every last square foot of the Manse has been upturned. I am sitting in a pile of rubble, typing, much like the stalwart secretary on Savile Row who propped her typewriter up in the street on the wreckage surrounding her after the house had been destroyed during the Blitz and continued to send orders.

For the next three days, I’m going to try to set the situation to rights. So please dig around the archives, there are a number of good posts back there. I’ll also take the opportunity to début a new blog about “home economics”, for lack of a better term. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Easy and Elegant Life’s Example of How to Wear Large Patterns

  1. Thanks for the site. I’m learning thru this and a few other blogs. So teach on!

    I’m a real newbie. I’d enjoy seeing a close up pic of the fabric in this jacket. And other fabrics w/ patterns that have details worth of the effort to make a close up.

    Perhaps other blog patrons would also enjoy it?

    BTW, very pretty house. You look like you live life as portrayed in upscale magazine ads. Good job!

    I think I could do a fairly good job hiring quality pros should I ever be faced w/ the challenge of moving into a upscale house. Same w/ wardrobe. It is finding a source of easy income or newfound wealth to fund it all that is the problem. ;-))

  2. Welcome Jay! Thank you for the kind comments. It doesn’t take as much as you think. The key to living well is choosing correctly. Quality over quantity. I’m a good bit older than you are, I suspect, so I’ve had more time to collect. We live on a high school teacher’s salary and some freelance jobs.

    Click through each photo a couple of times and you should be taken to a larger image.

  3. Layering is sublime. (the kids today probably say “it’s da bomb,” or something like that) It’s a great time of year, isn’t it? You’re making all those patterns, colors and textures get along nicely there. Not easy, but fun to do and see. Bravo!

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