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Chris Floyd: Patrick Grant: How I Get Dressed

This is a very good little video about wearing a strong pattern. Patrick Grant is the Director of Norton & Sons and E. Tautz of Savile Row. I like the idea of cycling to work and changing when you get there. I wonder how you manage to avoid breaking a sweat though?

Patrick Grant: How I Get Dressed from Chris Floyd on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Chris Floyd: Patrick Grant: How I Get Dressed

  1. His tie is a full inch or more below the bottom of his buckle. And he didn’t tuck it into his pants as if following an old style turned new trend.

    My eye sees that as incredibly sloppy.


  2. My experience working in midtown and living Brooklyn and riding my bike to work, was that there is the right amount to push your body before you start sweating. The more you bike the higher threshold your body has before having to break a sweat to cool down. Dressing weather appropriate helps as well.

  3. I just now viewed the video and found it very interesting–and I don’t wear any of those clothes! But it is his approach–caring but not obsessed, particular but not fussy, & his attention to detail. I learned what the word ‘furnishings’ refers to, and I especially approve of his matching of all of his leather pieces–watch, belt, shoes. As a lady, I would add matching gloves to the mix. I like his attitude and soft, serious voice. No affectation, which is impressive considering he is wearing John Lobb shoes. His view of dressing as ‘a calm time’ to start the day–something done with care. Quite rare in our world!

  4. Very nice video, it is interesting how men actually decide on what to wear and how to wear it. The man in this video looks very elegant in this video. Nice choice.

  5. Hi Jay, I have a very thin neck (a little less than 15″) and am 5’8″‘ so my tie often reaches to just below my belt buckle. I find that acceptable. If it is far too long, I tuck. Otherwise, I have to order ties at 54″ or so for them to fall to a “perfect” length. Too perfect always comes off as being a bit too neurotic in my book. (Cary Grant never replaced the missing front tooth that gave his grin a lopsidedness.) But I will never be completely perfect — part corkscrew, dog-owner and middle age parent of two children below the age of six.

    Paula, funny about the shoes. If they are custom made to your foot, they actually look a bit strange … not symmetrical at all … but are supposed to be very comfortable.

    Brandon, I break a sweat getting up in the morning. Blood’s too thick I suppose.

    Rich Girl, it’s the little things in life that make day-to-day existence bearable.

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