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Allow Me

Whew! Well, Thanksgiving is behind us and I only have one sick child with whom to deal today. I’ve fixed the computer after the kiddos got to it over the long holiday and am now almost ready to get back in to the swing of things. Thank you for your patience.

The holidays always bring out the best and worst in people. Over this last one, I noticed several little things that I’d like to pass on. A tip of the hat to a more genteel age, perhaps, but I feel it necessary to bring them up.

For example, gentlemen get out of their cars and walk around to open a passenger’s door — most especially if that passenger is a woman. If they are seated together in back and forced to enter the vehicle from the kerb side, a gentleman will get in first and slide across the seat, sparing the woman the possible indignity of a wardrobe malfunction and distress to her clothing. If they are to be seated in the back together and are embarking from the relative safety of a parking lot, say, the gentleman still holds the door for the lady and then goes around to the other side to enter the car.

Professional chauffeurs will hold the door for a woman, and then the man, if he waits long enough.

3 thoughts on “Allow Me

  1. Do you know, my husband and I have been married over twenty-five years and he still opens the car door for me??! Sadly, I don’t think my sons do the same for their women friends.

  2. Alas, the age of chivalry is not completely dead.
    I shall print and post this in a visible location, perhaps to the rear view mirror?

  3. Cashmere, it does my heart good to know that.

    PvE, my former grandmother-in-law was known to simply sit in the car, even if her husband went inside, until he realized the error of his ways and returned to open the door for her. It was a slower time, of course.

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