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A Day in the Easy and Elegant Life

An early reader of Easy and Elegant Life once asked me how many times a day I change. While I am not as fastidious as Colin Hammick, the former head cutter and joint manager of Huntsman who chain smoked and changed his suits three times a day, I do tend to change at least twice, if not three times during the course of a day. Depending, of course, on what my “schedule” holds.

Seven o’clock in the morning finds me ready to take the children to their respective schools.

Then, I am either at my computer by 9 am or ready to do a fast work out.

(Still trying to drop that last five lbs.)

Today, I have a luncheon with the development officer of The Valentine Richmond History Center. He’s promised to show me the museum’s collection of vintage clothing.

(A phenomenal afternoon. My expression belies my excitement. I was in a rush.)

Finally, I will finish the day doing housework and preparing dinner for the children and for Mrs. E. and myself.

So, not counting the pyjamas into which I shall change very shortly, that’s a total of four.

One thought on “A Day in the Easy and Elegant Life

  1. I just hope you are hanging up your clothes as you go . . . or your wife will be very unhappy, no matter how great you look! šŸ™‚ And you do look great!

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