Tweed: The Fall Fabric

The weather has finally turned here in Central Virginia and I’ve had the occasion to wear a leather jacket, corduroy trousers, a sweater or two and my favourite fall fabric: tweed. A careful count of my sportcoat rack above will show nine tweed jackets. I also have a tweed overcoat, trousers and a few caps.

But it is the tweed sportcoat which is the backbone of my easy and elegant life fall wardrobe, especially at the weekend. Incredibly versatile, a tweed jacket pairs nicely with your grey flannel trousers, moleskin, corduroy and even denim.

Add a good scarf and a pair of Ray Ban aviators and you’re ready to put the top down on a crisp morning. Scour the thrift stores, you’re bound to find a beautiful second-hand Harris Tweed.

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