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Tweed: The Fall Fabric

The weather has finally turned here in Central Virginia and I’ve had the occasion to wear a leather jacket, corduroy trousers, a sweater or two and my favourite fall fabric: tweed. A careful count of my sportcoat rack above will show nine tweed jackets. I also have a tweed overcoat, trousers and a few caps.

But it is the tweed sportcoat which is the backbone of my easy and elegant life fall wardrobe, especially at the weekend. Incredibly versatile, a tweed jacket pairs nicely with your grey flannel trousers, moleskin, corduroy and even denim.

Add a good scarf and a pair of Ray Ban aviators and you’re ready to put the top down on a crisp morning. Scour the thrift stores, you’re bound to find a beautiful second-hand Harris Tweed.

15 thoughts on “Tweed: The Fall Fabric

  1. I have begun searching our charity shops here in the UK (you call them thrift stores) for what will be my first tweed jacket. My Mrs shall likely object but I’m now firmly in my forties and agree that I can’t wear tees and jeans forever.
    Last weekend’s bargain was a sand coloured Marks and Spencer corduroy odd jacket which only cost me £8. None of the pockets had been unpicked so I believe it has not been worn and is in fact a shop reject because one of the sleeves only has one half button where there should be three! An additional purchase of a set of horn blazer buttons and a bit of sowing will remedy that. Then I shall look forward to wearing it next Spring.
    I do love your blog which has helped me to revamp my entire wardrobe to the point where I have received more than a few positive comments from colleagues who have noticed the changes. I’m now a firm believer of dressing nice to feel nice.
    Thank you, and my best regards to you and yours.

  2. I got a tweed jacket at Marshall’s for $16. It is not Harris tweed, but it’s fine for casual wear on the weekend at this time of year.

  3. John, you’ll wear it for years! Good find.

    Shane, congratulations on your find, too! Stick with the classics and you’ll never go wrong. By the way, that tweed jacket, once you find it, will go beautifully with the jeans and t-shirts. Thanks for the comment and for the very kind compliment. Keep fighting the good fight.

  4. Sir, I have searched all over Northern Virginia for a quality tweed jacket at a reasonable price. Perhaps the issue is size as I’m a 44 long. Do you have any advice on where to locate one? I’m even willing to travel to Richmond. I’d prefer something with a classic look such as Harris tweed. How is the lady of the house? Thanks.

  5. Autumn, tweed, and the top down on the go-kart (Audi TT), you nailed it! If I could just find a tweedette for the passenger seat…

    Hilton, check the AskAndy Trad site, they have a “thrift shop” thread

  6. I’ve got on heavy cavalry twill today….my country in town suit. Nice to have enough nip in the air to wear it. Whiskey tan Alden Algonquin monk straps and my Bohemian Club club tie. It’s all good.


  7. You have quite the collection! I really like the yellow/tan Apparel Arts like gloves as well. As for myself, I now have three tweed jackets, a tweed overcoat and a tweed cap. It is by far my favorite fabric of fall as well. Like you say, it goes with almost everything. My last acquisition was a gray/black Harris Tweed that fits perfectly and is in perfect condition, I believe I paid about $8 for it.

  8. Tweed in its many incarnations is the ultimate fall suiting material. You can dress it up enough for the modern office or wear it with jeans and a sports shirt on the weekend. Plus it’s warm and cuddly. Living in Wisconsin, I could live in flannel and tweed for 6 months of the year. In Richmond, perhaps a bit shorter cycle.

  9. You have an enviable collection and I like your taste. I hope you don’t store them like that all the time. A few seasons ago I pulled out a favourite Harris Tweed jacket to find large moth holes in it. I had always taken good care of it, and it was a blue and dark green that looked superb with a Black Watch necktie. I was heartbroken. Now all wool garments go into microfibre breathable garment bags. No more insect or larvae problems. Really worth the bother not to have the heartbreak. It is a sort of insurance….

  10. Now I’m the one jealous, the light gray tweed jacket is just awsome.. I have no words , just the urge to get one like that myself.

  11. Well, I finally found my first sports jacket, a 3 year old second hand Magee (of Donegal) silk wool blend that fits me rather well. It had it’s first outing yesterday to an office Christmas dinner party. Worn with a blue formal shirt and navy/tan paisley tie, dark indigo jeans, and brown italian hand made monk strap shoes. The latter are also second hand, my cobbler did a grand job resoling them. A colleague thought they were brand new.

    To be honest I was a bit nervous that some colleagues might deride my appearance with comments like “you’re growing old before your time”, but there were no negative comments, only positive ones about the shoes and dark jeans. The jacket was never mentioned!

    I only started developing my sartorial knowledge a couple of years ago and I think this experience proves the point about wearing correct fitting cloths and not looking like you’re trying. It has emboldened me to learn more , with your continued input of course.

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