Sandwiching In a Cocktail Party

One of the cornerstones of my philosophy is always to be ready for guests. Saturday night was no exception. What started out to be dinner with another couple turned out to be drinks for eight and then the dinner party for which I’d planned following. I thought that they deserved more than a bowl of smoked almonds to start the night out right.

The butter dish holds chicken, garlic and apple sausage slices (sliced and fried in a little oil) skewered together with a cube of Irish cheddar cheese. The larger platter has cucumber and tzaziki sauce (Greek yoghurt, lemon juice, grated cucumber, garlic) finger sandwiches and mini BLTs. The trick to the sandwiches is to roll the bread out with a rolling-pin to flatten it enough so that the triple deckers aren’t too top-heavy.

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