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Remember This 11 September.

I am trying to get my flag holder to stop falling off the post to which it is supposedly attached. I will fly my flag if I have to lash it to the porch railing tomorrow, but the experience has me thinking of other ways to remember the horrors and victories of 9/11. I may choose to wear my American Flag lapel pin, although it often gets misplaced. Armistice Day and Memorial Day have the red poppy, a tradition that I’ve always admired. A quick google query later, I discovered that America does have a National Flower.

A white rose symbolizes innocence and purity. They happen to grow in my garden, thus my choice, although I believe us to be pure of heart and spirit (for the most part) and the loss of innocence that 9/11 brought also plays a part in my thinking. Consider also the red rose, the symbol of love. When someone asks, tell them that it is a symbol of the hope, love and continued rebirth of our Country, despite the best efforts of those who would see us fail.

12 thoughts on “Remember This 11 September.

  1. Wonderful sentiments Chris……

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer that I think your lady will love!

    Art by Karena

  2. Yesterday I toured the Cloister’s and the garden tour which was lovely- the tour guide was excellent and explained all the symbols of the flowers in the famous unicorn tapestries – the rose is love, the oak for strength and endurance and the unicorn for magic. I love how sweet you are to wear a rose for the fallen, out of love.

  3. Thank you for this.

    I was out fetching some flowers to brighten up the guest room for a dear one’s arrival.

    Roses rarely are a first pick, but today I spied white ones that were a standout among the rest.

    Fitting, I think. Many thanks for the idea…

  4. Thanks Chris for wearing the beautiful rose in your elegant way, of course.
    I see the flag you posted designed to honor 9/11.

  5. God bless you, Mr. E. for this post. I have washed and ironed our (100 percent cotton) beautiful American flag and ready to fly tomorrow a.m.! The wearing of a flag lapel pin or the rose is a charming idea, and I love it! I strongly disagree with the notion that 9/11 should be some sort of ‘day of service.’ Why? Instead, attend a memorial service, thank a veteran or fireman, remember the fallen, fly the flag, wear a commemorative flower, teach your children, say a prayer, stay home, be quiet, visit the grave of a loved one who died from the attack, watch the coverage from 9/11/01, contemplate, share tears for those who died.

  6. Mr. E. I only wish everyone across our great nation could read this article. Beautiful written, with a very important message. I, will be wearing a white flower. AS you stated, “To represent hope, love and the greatness of our nation.” God Bless America!

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