Remember This 11 September.

I am trying to get my flag holder to stop falling off the post to which it is supposedly attached. I will fly my flag if I have to lash it to the porch railing tomorrow, but the experience has me thinking of other ways to remember the horrors and victories of 9/11. I may choose to wear my American Flag lapel pin, although it often gets misplaced. Armistice Day and Memorial Day have the red poppy, a tradition that I’ve always admired. A quick google query later, I discovered that America does have a National Flower.

A white rose symbolizes innocence and purity. They happen to grow in my garden, thus my choice, although I believe us to be pure of heart and spirit (for the most part) and the loss of innocence that 9/11 brought also plays a part in my thinking. Consider also the red rose, the symbol of love. When someone asks, tell them that it is a symbol of the hope, love and continued rebirth of our Country, despite the best efforts of those who would see us fail.

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12 Responses to Remember This 11 September.

  1. Karena says:

    Wonderful sentiments Chris……

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer that I think your lady will love!

    Art by Karena

  2. Turling says:

    Very nice post. I find it interesting it took 211 years for our country to come up with a floral emblem.

  3. pve says:

    Yesterday I toured the Cloister’s and the garden tour which was lovely- the tour guide was excellent and explained all the symbols of the flowers in the famous unicorn tapestries – the rose is love, the oak for strength and endurance and the unicorn for magic. I love how sweet you are to wear a rose for the fallen, out of love.

  4. MC says:

    Thank you for this.

    I was out fetching some flowers to brighten up the guest room for a dear one’s arrival.

    Roses rarely are a first pick, but today I spied white ones that were a standout among the rest.

    Fitting, I think. Many thanks for the idea…

  5. Brohammas says:

    White rose is nice.
    The red rose is worn on the chest of England’s national rugby team.
    I would much rather wear a silver fern.

  6. barG says:

    Thanks Chris for wearing the beautiful rose in your elegant way, of course.
    I see the flag you posted designed to honor 9/11.

  7. M.Lane says:

    A fine sentiment! I will adopt the rose from now on…


  8. Mr. Geezer says:

    Would you mind mentioning what kind of clothes stand you’re using there? Thanks.

  9. Paula says:

    God bless you, Mr. E. for this post. I have washed and ironed our (100 percent cotton) beautiful American flag and ready to fly tomorrow a.m.! The wearing of a flag lapel pin or the rose is a charming idea, and I love it! I strongly disagree with the notion that 9/11 should be some sort of ‘day of service.’ Why? Instead, attend a memorial service, thank a veteran or fireman, remember the fallen, fly the flag, wear a commemorative flower, teach your children, say a prayer, stay home, be quiet, visit the grave of a loved one who died from the attack, watch the coverage from 9/11/01, contemplate, share tears for those who died.

  10. Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors says:

    Mr. E. I only wish everyone across our great nation could read this article. Beautiful written, with a very important message. I, will be wearing a white flower. AS you stated, “To represent hope, love and the greatness of our nation.” God Bless America!

  11. style court says:

    Lovely and gracious post Chris. I didn’t know about the white rose. Thanks for always teaching us something new!

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