Remember This 11 September.

I am trying to get my flag holder to stop falling off the post to which it is supposedly attached. I will fly my flag if I have to lash it to the porch railing tomorrow, but the experience has me thinking of other ways to remember the horrors and victories of 9/11. I may choose to wear my American Flag lapel pin, although it often gets misplaced. Armistice Day and Memorial Day have the red poppy, a tradition that I’ve always admired. A quick google query later, I discovered that America does have a National Flower.

A white rose symbolizes innocence and purity. They happen to grow in my garden, thus my choice, although I believe us to be pure of heart and spirit (for the most part) and the loss of innocence that 9/11 brought also plays a part in my thinking. Consider also the red rose, the symbol of love. When someone asks, tell them that it is a symbol of the hope, love and continued rebirth of our Country, despite the best efforts of those who would see us fail.

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