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It’s the Time of the Season…

[Forgive me for the unusual post, I’m still a bit wooly headed with this cold.]

… that I love. Fall is upon us, even if the temperatures don’t yet support the concept.

My tailor tells me that he still has several men who order seasonal wardrobes. I think that’s a marvelous idea and would love to have the wherewithal to do the same.

Had I the dosh, I would commission a grey flannel chalk stripe three-piece SB, a navy flannel DB, Cavalry twill trousers, a cream and tan houndstooth sport coat and very possibly a greenish plaid three-piece suit in addition to a half-dozen or so shirts.

At least I think that would suit my whims this Fall and Winter. What would you like to see hanging in your wardrobe this season?

7 thoughts on “It’s the Time of the Season…

  1. You certainly cannot go wrong with cavalry twill trousers. It is one of the most durable, forgiving, good-looking fabrics. I’d like a Linton or Harris tweed jacket with a bit of colour in it…like a pink or lime green fleck or line in the plaid. A well fitted or tailored sportcoat is so nice for fall days, and like the little MG or Triumph convertible, seldom seen in this age of SUVs, Hummers, and athletic shoes. I’ve always wanted a grey or navy suit in a windowpane check. If find them elegant and not often seen. Ralph Lauren includes one in collections from time to time.

  2. My new wardrobe consists of twelve vintage Fortuny fabric pillows for the shop. Probably not as inspirational as new suits, but they are my current addiction. Hope that you fell better asap.

  3. I would love a windowpane flannel suit, but alas my Prince of Wales plaid and solid gray flannel suits shall remain without a third this winter. Funds spent on 2 pair of Alden shoes.

  4. Seasonal wardrobes you say? I would have to catagorize mine according to my weight fluctuations.

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