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Ich Bin Ein Berliner

The Architect and Corporate Creature have just returned from a trip to Prague and Berlin. They were kind enough to bring me some vintage men’s wear advertisements they found at a flea market. I thought you’d enjoy them. Double or triple clicking should get you to a larger image.

Happy Weekend.

4 thoughts on “Ich Bin Ein Berliner

  1. Wonderful ads and what great friends. Berlin and Prague seem to be popular destinations this summer for bloggers as well as friends of bloggers Well done.

  2. Whenever we hit London, we head straight to Wilton’s for supper. It’s here they serve an English concotion aptly named”mushy peas”. (Sounds like Eaton Mess; a famous English boarding school dessert.) In the home kitchen, one simply takes a can or two of your favorite brand of pea, then drain away the liquid. Processes the peas in the Cuisinart along with sauted garlic, butter or cream, salt and cracked black pepper. One might top the peas with panko crumbs (if it’s Sunday dinner). The “mushy peas” are then baked until hot; then served. Like the pea soup, this is too easy to be so good. Note: Use canned peas only.

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