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NeoCon: Four Patterns

Was I feeling less ambitious? More conservative? Given the stripes of the suit, which can read as lavender with the right shirt and tie, and the pink shirt, maybe I was. I initially had a blue and pink tie finishing this rig, bringing the total number of patterns up to five, if you count the fancy stripe socks I’m wearing. I changed the tie for the matte navy linen one pictured and I think it was for the best.

I don’t have to see clients today and I don’t work in an office, so I dress for me. Why the sudden conservative’ish bent? I’m beginning to feel that extreme colour and pattern mixing is best left to informal — read sportcoat and odd trouser — dressing. I still wouldn’t label this ensemble “subtle”, but neither will it shock anyone who isn’t a banker, CPA or George Clooney.

What about you? Do you prize subtlety or prefer glamour when wearing a suit?

8 thoughts on “NeoCon: Four Patterns

  1. Ideally I dress so that no one remembers the particulars of the outfit, but that everyone remembers that I was well dressed. That leans towards subtle and conservative… with a sprinkle of sprezzatura.

  2. Excellent rig, the shoes really elevate the whole look.

    My suited image preference depends upon why I’ve decided to wear a suit. Where I live, donning a suit is like having proper English tea in the streets of Tijuana, so either way it’s going to be loud. Sometimes I like to go for an almost minimalist subtlety to keep my enthusiasm private (especially if I don’t feel like explaining to everyone why I’m wearing a suit), and then sometimes I’ll bring out the big guns, beam with pride at my super rig and really blow the flip-flop set away. But on the standard my mood is not overly affectatious, I tend to go with what Wisco postures, something good looking but not over-the-top.

  3. My preference is always for understated, less-is-more. The occasional bright spots and flash and dash is great, but not for every day. I think there are always subtle influences at work in what we choose to wear each day. The current mood of the country, the excessive national debt, the newly found appreciation for conservative judgment may be influencing our daily wardrobe as much as it is our purchases this summer. My own instincts are for classic revival in my wardrobe–pieces that are more sensible, lasting, and intelligent–and eternally elegant. Gone is the desire for bling, flash, glam, and over-the-top luxury items. A gray pencil skirt with a brown belt, a lovely cashmere sweater and matching scarf, a brown leather glove, a lady-like handbag (no big logo or initials needed), a nude leg and kitten heel, and my wonderful, sensible husband are what I am entering the next season with . . .

  4. I would also opt for the quieter, more discreet look as you’ve described. With everyone going casual, if I’m in suit/ jacket and tie, I already feel out of the ordinary, and sometimes the brilliant accessories are too much. I think the solid navy tie is best with the striped suit. The solids are definitely more formal and elegant.

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