NeoCon: Four Patterns

Was I feeling less ambitious? More conservative? Given the stripes of the suit, which can read as lavender with the right shirt and tie, and the pink shirt, maybe I was. I initially had a blue and pink tie finishing this rig, bringing the total number of patterns up to five, if you count the fancy stripe socks I’m wearing. I changed the tie for the matte navy linen one pictured and I think it was for the best.

I don’t have to see clients today and I don’t work in an office, so I dress for me. Why the sudden conservative’ish bent? I’m beginning to feel that extreme colour and pattern mixing is best left to informal — read sportcoat and odd trouser — dressing. I still wouldn’t label this ensemble “subtle”, but neither will it shock anyone who isn’t a banker, CPA or George Clooney.

What about you? Do you prize subtlety or prefer glamour when wearing a suit?

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