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Neck and Neck: The Thing About Ties and Pocket Squares.

Trolling through the J Crew, Polo and other outlets didn’t yield the same bounty that it has in the past. Barrie Station, which has quit carrying J. Crew, did have the Martin & Osa (fun trivia: Martin and Osa are the husband and wife from “I Married Adventure”, how’s that for marketing research?) woman’s (I’m sure) cotton and silk scarf (USD$5) that I’m wearing above. I’m anxious to wear it à la Cary Grant, with my grey flannels and Hackett striped sweater. If the weather continues to cool, it won’t be long. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, as with any new purchase, I’m anxious to get wear the scarf at any and all occasions. The day we came home from the beach, Mrs. E. and I, in an effort to stave off the inevitable return, ventured out to a local wine bar (Secco — and worthy of its own post; magnificent!).

Back in town for a Saturday night, I “dressed a little better than I had to”, starting with my neckerchief worn as a pocket square with an open necked white shirt.  Nothing fancy.  Then I ran across the tie that had that flash of colour so nicely coördinated to the square. I’ve never worn this tie before. It’s a Custom Shop number that I picked up at TJ Maxx, lo those many moons ago, for all of USD$5.00. The tie is a statement, a retro influenced thing that is decidedly out of fashion. It may even be considered hideous. Mrs. E. thought it “fun” and so on it went.

That’s the thing about ties, they are a personal statement.

But, beyond that, ties — like the rest of your clothing — should serve one purpose: to call attention to your chiseled, tanned and magnetic countenance. This one may. I say “may” because it is such a vintage look that it calls attention to itself. But the pattern, being vertical, does lead to the face. A striped, club collar shirt worn pinned and a pair of spectators would have edged the look into costume, however appropriate they may have been. So I took them off. I couldn’t resist adding the collar pin though; a vintage tie begs for it after all.

Wear your statement, quirky, original things. But wear them sparingly and one at a time.

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