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Easy and Elegant: Balsamic Reduction

That was the appetizer for a black tie birthday dinner we gave our delightful friend, Mrs. W. Scallops, lightly pan seared and finished with a balsamic reduction and sprig of fresh dill.

While I could have made the reduction, it is just as easy to reach for this:

Found at my local grocery store for about USD$7.00, it even comes in its own handy squirt bottle. Easy to prepare, elegant to serve. And isn’t that what life is all about?

7 thoughts on “Easy and Elegant: Balsamic Reduction

  1. I could call you a “cheetah” by the looks of those plates and that secret family recipe. Wild about your tips and your plates.

  2. Echo–echo–yes an echo here today, echoing the previous two comments, with a question, did Mrs. Scallops enjoy her scallops.
    Wishing the TheElegantologist and family the best,

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