All American Style

I met a well-dressed man two night ago. Mrs. E. and I were attending a welcome back party at the Head’s house and I was introduced to the best dressed man there. Yup, he had me beat. He was a native Richmonder, who grew up in New York, prepped in Connecticut, attended college in New England and eventually wound up back in Virginia.

We had a style of glasses in common.

(Lafont Demi-blonde Pantheon frame, USD$285 via Ben Silver)

And striped shirts.

(A butchers stripe similar to the one I wore)

(RL Golf Mercerized Pima Lisle Cotton Polo. Similar, but not as interesting as the one he had on.)

Of course we both had on trousers.

(My Icon collection white trousers)

(His Nantucket Reds)

And shoes…



But he had the good sense to add a classic blue blazer and white linen pocket square. He was the only man wearing one…

Casual, yet elegant, this is an easy combination to mimic for an outdoor cocktail party when women reach for the Tory Burch tunic or Lily Pulitzer/Pucci sundress. Was he uncomfortable? I don’t think so. In classic American sportswear, he was the coolest guy at the party.

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