This Season’s Swimtrunks

(Close, although a 7″ – 9″ inseam would be a bit more understated.)

Long time readers know about my obsession with finding the right swimtrunks. I thought I’d finally go a season without having to continue the search as the B² version is a peach. I hadn’t counted on the slightest weight fluctuation and found, to my dismay, that the two pounds I’ve lost rendered the trunks unwearable as they now gape a bit. That’s the issue with non-elastic waistbands, which are the only sort that almost anyone over the age of 30 should be wearing. At least in my opinion.

Brooks Brothers didn’t reissue the suit this year. Naturally. This is what happens when purchasing is controlled by two women in Italy. Sure it’s nice to have the trimmer cuts, but there’s a place for the classics, too.

So it was off to the races.

My first stop was Land’s End. Nada. Next up LL Bean. Nope. Zappo’s. I refuse to pay that kind of money for a swimsuit that hasn’t been made for me. Most of what I saw was either A) far too young looking (flames, skulls, flowers, knee length or beyond), or  B) had an elastic waistband.

To my surprise, J. Crew appeared to have something that fit the bill. 7″ Boardshorts. USD$54.50 (which I thought I got on sale… hmm…)

I ordered a size down for these as they ride at the hip like all contemporary clothing. They’re a little young, but they’ll do until The Brethern come to their senses or I put the weight back on.

Relatively happy, I was fortunate enough to check in with Tintin at The Trad who had uncovered the mother lode of  swimtrunks for adults.

(Swim trunks in Breton Red via O’Connell’s Clothing where it appears to always be 1963!)

Of course I didn’t take into account that these would sit, as they should, at the natural waist or just slightly below and ordered one size up from the J. Crew model. Now I’ve got five pounds to lose. Another pair in a truer (for me) waist measurement is on the way and I’m restraining myself from ordering three more in various colours and a madras or seersucker to boot. All I’ve got to do is stay in shape and I can wear these forever. That’s incentive.

(Endless Summer, 1966)

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