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Thanks, That Was Easy.

Yesterday’s post brought the most interesting thank you note I’ve yet received. It was from The Architect, thanking us for a casual dinner party that we gave over the weekend. Nothing surprising there. We get thanked by note, email or phone call as we have very nice and well-mannered friends.

This post card was something unique though, and proves that you needn’t invest in copperplate engraving to save form.

To being with, it is a postcard that arrived through the mail slot. Post cards are a fun way to send thanks after a casual evening.

This one, however, is handmade.

I have long admired the travel albums that The Architect produces. They are made up of travel photos, images clipped from magazines, parts of menus, sketches, postcards and the odd restaurant bill. The effect is very “Griffin and Sabine“, if you remember those extraordinarily artsy novellas.

The Architect applied his eye and the same concept to his thanks, creating a pastiche of images that recalled the menu, the cocktails, even Barrymore the dog and finished it with a poem that had Mrs. E. and me chuckling with delight when it was read aloud.

Thank you’s are always important and sending thanks can be fun, easy and inexpensive. It just takes a little effort. Sort of like a dinner party.

(The front of the card. It is now posted to our postcard board until I move it to an album.)

3 thoughts on “Thanks, That Was Easy.

  1. Clever thank-you notes and cards are always so fun.
    I do love a good “collage” or “decoupage”
    Happy 4th! Are the buntings up?

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