Massing in Boston

Mrs. E. and I will be traveling to Boston, MA at the end of the month to a mass meeting of her high school/SYA chums. We’ll have just two days, one evening of which will be spent at the reunion. I’ve been to Cambridge to crash a wedding at The Harvard Club. (“She’s a lovely bride, what a fine day!” “May I have this dance?”) Yet another reason to travel with a dinner jacket. Aside from that brief foray, my interactions with the Boston area are limited to say the least. I do remember vowing to never drive in the city again… .

At any rate, we are going to visit the Isabella Gardner museum, take a sunset sail around the harbour, perhaps jump a trolley to see some other sites… We’re staying at The Park Plaza Hotel & Towers. Do you, dear readers, have suggestions for sightseeing, dining recommendations, must-see-and-do’s? All comments welcome. Sometimes the anticipation of travel is the most fun part of the journey.

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